Mary Kay's Excellent Adventures!

Mary Kay has had good luck winning sweepstakes with JUST ONE ENTRY. She and her husband, Joe, won a Caribbean cruise from the Arthur Frommer Budget Travel Online monthly sweepstakes, which limits entries to one per household a month.

``My win notice said there were over 8,000 entries,'' she said. ``We sailed from San Juan Puerto Rico (airfare was included in the win) on Royal Caribbean's Nordic Empress, spending a day each at St. Thomas, St. Maarten/St. Martin, and St. Croix. Now we're hooked on cruising. It was a wonderful experience.''

They also won a trip to New Orleans to watch the Sugar Bowl from Dixie Crystal. There she met the Modlins, sweepers from Manassas, Va.

``Besides the Sugar Bowl game and pre-game festivities, the win also included a cocktail reception, breakfast at Brennans, and attendance at Nokia's formal New Year's Eve gala. We were taken to it in stretch limos. The whole trip was outstanding,'' she said.

Mary Kay said she won the trip for Joe from a mail-in sweepstakes. ``Although entries were unlimited, I only sent two entries, a month apart, in cheap white #10s,'' she said. ``This proves again that winning is in the luck of the draw. It only takes one entry if it's the right one.''

Mary Kay in her and Joe's cabin aboard the Nordic Empress cruise ship in March 1999. They are on a Caribbean cruise, which they won from the Arthur Frommer Budget Travel Online monthly sweepstakes with just one entry.

Mary Kay and Joe on the Nordic Empress. They are standing in front of a view of the St. Thomas,
Virgin Islands, harbor.

Mary Kay in the courtyard of Brennan's, a famous New Orleans restaurant, in December 1998.
She won a trip to the Sugar Bowl from Dixie Crystal Sugar.

Joe in Brennan's courtyard, getting their Brennan book autographed by
one of the Brennan brothers, owners of the restaurant.

Joe and Mary Kay at the Dixie Crystal winners' table at the formal New Year's Eve Sugar Bowl gala sponsored by Nokia.

Senior Prom? No, it's Joe getting ready for the New Year's Eve celebration.

Mary Kay in her hotel room, almost ready for the New Year's Eve gala.

Joe and Mary Kay standing in front of a stretch limo on New Year's Eve.
Also shown are the Modlins, sweepers from Manassas, Va., won their Sugar Bowl trip from Imperial Sugar.

The Dixie Crystal and Imperial Sugar winners' table at breakfast at Brennan's.
Each sugar company had four winners.

More Pictures from Mary Kay!

Mary Kay at breakfast at home on Christmas morning 1998.

Joe at breakfast at home on Christmas morning 1998.

Mary Kay's and Joe's front yard in New Mexico. Joe is a pilot,and he's seen taxiing an Ercoupe on the taxiway. The white building in the background belongs to one of their "neighbors," who lives 2 1/2 miles away.

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