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Vacation Celebration Shortcuts

Use these links to enter the Vacation Celebration drawings.

Enter once at each site daily to win three-day, two-night hotel stays. No travel expenses are included -- you'll have to get there on your own.

Don't forget to check the rules and the winners list. If you find any errors or dead links or have any updates, please let us know.

Hey, we love this drawing, but we don't run it! We're always happy to hear about your experiences, but report any non-shortcut-related problems to the sponsor.

Vacation Celebration banners are posted on these pages:

  1. 1 + Debt Free Solutions
  2. 1000 Bargains Await at the Ser: The Serf Shoppe.
  3. 4sbo Louisiana Purchase

  4. ACME Service Company Inc.
  5. A.J. Drgon Assoc. Inc.
  6. Alternative Funding Solutions
  7. Alyiska
  8. A&M Internet Sales
  9. AM/PM Premium Car Carrier
  10. Anini Beach Vacation Rentals Inc.
  11. Aromatherapy, Lingerie and Oth

  12. Baker Products Co.
  13. Bargains and You
  14. B&D Seal Coating
  15. BJ Enterprises
  16. Blueberry Enterprises
  17. Blue Ridge Mountain Homes
  18. Businesslink: Irwin Pittsburgh

  19. Cash Saver Vacations: NOW!
  20. Centerlink LLC
  21. Chesterfield Valley Golf Cente
  22. Credit Union Members Associati
  23. Creole Country
  24. CSD Marketing International

  25. Diamond West Marketing
  26. Dogwood Hills Resort Inn
  27. DynaMotivation

  28. Eagle Wood Products
  29. Elder Care
  30. Entertainment Today
  31. Equinet Mortgage Services - WH
  32. Executive Hair Transplant Clin

  33. Fast Start Inc.
  34. Fivestar Cyberspace
  35. FSI

  36. Gaia Enterprises
  37. The Gift Wizard
  38. Gilliland Nutraceutical Enterp
  39. Golf Headquarters of St. Louis
  40. Go Shoot!
  41. Greco Shops in Commerce Market

  42. Health Care Amenities Plus Inc.
  43. Health Insights
  44. Helwig Industries
  45. HIG Associates
  46. Hits 4 Sure: Click here for the frames version.
  47. H&M Gifts and Novlties
  48. Hometown Coupons
  49. HomeTown First
  50. House Calls
  51. H. Shytel Glover
  52. Hygienics Direct

  53. Inland Quality Nannies and Hou
  54. Innonet Creations
  55. It's A Mall World

  56. Jones Salvage
  57. Joshua's Sports Center
  58. J.R. Neibert Marketing Group: Click here for the frames version.
  59. Just Files

  60. KD Marine Center
  62. Kokopelli Golf

  63. Letip Of Morristown
  64. Loveless Shoes Inc.
  65. LSB Enterprises

  66. Making Money Now
  67. Matte's Merchandising
  68. MJM Enterprises
  69. Mom And Pop Software: Click here for the frames version.
  70. Money Saver Magazine
  71. Montoya Saddles
  72. Moreno Valley Market
  73. Mr. Wizard's Thumbs Out

  74. Nebula Enterprises
  75. NM-Concepts
  76. Nomar Creations

  77. Oil Change Directory
  78. Omni Ventures International
  79. Orlando on the Web

  80. Pharmacy Homecare Services
  81. Power King Central Vacuums
  82. Pro Am Golf Center

  83. Relatively Speaking
  84. Renewal Marketing
  85. Robinson's Computer Services
  86. Rocco's Revenge Chili
  87. Rochester Drug Cooperative Inc.

  88. S.L. Pierce Agency
  89. Southern Automated Services
  90. STT Services & Internet Marketing: Southern Tier Telecom Services & Internet Marketing.
  91. Success Builders Unlimited
  92. Sun City Ambassadors Inc.
  93. Supertan Sun Studios

  94. Talk Cheap
  95. Tanuals
  96. Targetmall
  97. Tepee Express
  98. Terre du Lac
  99. Triple-C BAS

  100. Uptown/Downtown Shopping
  101. Urban Essentials
  102. U.S. Surplus Corporation

  103. Ventures Online

  104. Wealth Builders International
  105. The Web Shoppe
  106. WNR Communication, L.L.C.
  107. World Wide Marketing Promotions: W.

Vacation Celebration banners at these sites have been moved in the past or are not posted on the site's front page:

  1. Alpha & Omega Marketing Co.: Click on the "Enter Today" button near the bottom of the page, not on the inactive banner. We found this button by clicking on "Free Vacation Celebration Sweepstakes" and taking the "tour."

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