Sweepstakes Scout: Aug. 7 for Aug. 14

Stage your own three-day disappearance with your favorite honey by stealing away to Las Vegas. Makers of the movie Hollow Man are giving away a trip for two plus $1,000 in spending money. First prize winners of the Hollow Man Sweepstakes will get a Cassiopeia Pocket PC E-115 and the next best thing to being able to turn invisible - a mounted and reserved latex mask signed and worn by actor Kevin Bacon in the film.

Ends: August 18, 2000.
Open to residents of the U.S. or Canada (excluding Quebec) 18 and older.

I've always wanted a pair of coach airplane seats! I have this really wicked airline seat fantasy. Gotta tell you about it someday! Until then, you write down what you would do with two coach seats in 50 words or less and you could win them, plus free airline tickets for two on American Airlines. The airline will pick the best ideas and announce a new winner for each of the next two weeks.

Ends: August 25, 2000.

Ah, once you win my airplane seats, what am I going to dream about while pretending to do work? Guess I'll have to take a seven-day, six-night trip to the Bahamas to come up with something good. Luckily, Red Oval Farms is offering just such a getaway in the Mini Stoned Wheat Thins¨ Crackers "Take A Dip" Sweepstakes. A week at Paradise Island and $500 in spending money! Twenty first place winners will get Holland gas grills.

Ends: August 31, 2000.
Open to U.S. residents 18 and over.

Don't you just love hearing about the amazingly silly quirks of the nearly perfect looking movie stars we worship? For example, did you know that Mary Tyler Moore's favorite curse word is "flirk!" Do you care that Ellen Barkin can't stand the sound of garbage trucks? Win the "Inside the Actors Studio" Trivia Contest and you will be able to attend a live taping of the show that gets to the bottom of all these mysteries. The prize includes a three-night stay in New York City, $500 in spending money and tickets to a Broadway play. Here are the correct answers: 1. b) Bloody; 2. b) Cartoonist; 3. a) Tension; 4. b) Garbage trucks; 5. a) Airplanes; 6. a) Arrogance; 7. c) Flirk; 8. a) Politics; 9. b) Race car driver; 10. a) Bupkus.

Ends: September 24, 2000.
Open to U.S. residents 21 and older.

OK, so you won my airline seats and you snatched my trip to the Bahamas away. Here's another chance at sun and fun, and I really need it. Guess the answer to a trivia question and win a three-night trip for two to Paradise Island, the Bahamas, in Foster Grants' "Win A Trip To Paradise" Sweepstakes. I believe the correct answer is "Foster Grants."

Ends: September 29, 2000.
Open to U.S. residents 21 and older.

When you're using the Internet to shop for and compare products, sometimes it's hard to find a company's Web site. Or maybe the item you're looking for won't show up in the search engines. SoandSo.com is betting a big-screen TV that it can make life easier for you. Sign up for their shopping newsletter and put yourself in the running to win a 32-inch Sony television in the SOandSO.com Sweepstakes. Now let's see ... I just got deleted by my so-and-so, my Internet boyfriend. Where do I click to get a new man?

Ends: October 31, 2000.
Open to U.S. and Canadian residents (excluding Quebec) 18 and older.


The X-Files "X-Props Summer" Sweepstakes:
August 25, 2000.
Open to U.S. residents 18 and older.

Ben & Jerry's "Stop, Taste and Win" Sweepstakes:
September 16, 2000.
Open to U.S. residents (excluding Puerto Rico) 18 and older.

Bamflex Lincoln Navigator Lease Sweepstakes:
September 18, 2000.
Open to U.S. residents 18 and older.

GORTON'S "Great Off the Grill!" Sweepstakes:
October 4, 2000.
Open to U.S. residents 18 and older.

Coupon Paradise $1,000 Cash Giveaway:
October 31, 2000.
Open to anyone 18 and older.

PriceRadar Weekly Online Auction Shopping Spree:
December 31, 2000.
Open to U.S. residents (excluding Puerto Rico) 18 and older.


From Marilyn: ``When they ask for a complete name and address, do you have to include your middle name?"

Dear Marilyn,

I am a paranoid little sweeper, and when someone goes to the trouble of asking for my "complete" or "full" name, I think the safest thing is to assume they want your middle name too.

At the same time, however, I can't imagine that someone would actually deny you a prize simply because you gave them your first name and your last name, but not your middle name. Wouldn't that be silly? How do they know you even have a middle name? my "complete" or "full" name, I think the safest thing is to assume they want your middle name too.

Unfortunately, there's no hard and fast rule to follow. When a sponsor asks for your "complete" name, there's no sure way to tell exactly what they meant. Plus, what one sponsor regards as your "full" name may differ from what would satisfy another sponsor. my "complete" or "full" name, I think the safest thing is to assume they want your middle name too.

But I actually have written a couple of sponsors to ask what they meant and this is what they said. What they're trying to get you to do is put something more than just your first name, your nickname or the your email handle -- the part of your email address that appears before the "@." As in "Cassie." They're trying to avoid potential legal difficulties by getting a legal name. If they get a real first name and a real last name, well, they consider themselves real lucky. my "complete" or "full" name, I think the safest thing is to assume they want your middle name too.

There apparently are more than a few shy sweepers out there who want the prize, but are not willing to identify themselves completely. They try to get buy with just "Tom" or "Mary." In other words, the sponsors I have spoken to don't actually give a rip about your middle name -- they just want a name they can work with. And who can blame them? What if they're giving away a prize that has to be reported to the IRS? What are they going to say? "Oh yeah, we sent that Porsche Boxster to Mary in Tennessee! You know, the tall one with blond hair!" my "complete" or "full" name, I think the safest thing is to assume they want your middle name too.

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