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Northern Virginia Fortune Seekers
Resources, Page 2

Sweepstakes Newsgroups

Newsgroups are great places to find new sweepstakes and contest URLs, get contest answers and chat with other sweepers. If you know of any other sweepstakes-related newsgroups, let us know.

Free Newsgroups

Fee Newsgroups

To gain access to the following groups, you must become a paid member of SFF Net. The Mail and News Membership plan costs $3.00 monthly, $9.00 quarterly or $30.00 annually.

Sweepstakes Email Lists and Free Email Newsletters

Sweepstakes e-mail lists and e-mail newsletters are another great way to make friends and find out about new sweepstakes and contests. If you know of any other sweepstakes-related e-mail lists or e-mail newsletters, let us know.

Email Lists

Free Email Newsletters

Where to Find Contest Answers
And Other Help

Here are just a few places where you can get answers to your favorite contests. If you know of any other good answer sites, let us know.

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