Friends and relatives of a sweeper friend suspect he is experiencing harassment in the Multnomah County jail system.

We've put together a list of public officials, and we are asking them to investigate to find out whether a jail system sergeant has falsely accused him of a number of rule violations, resulting in the lengthening of his sentence.

If the sergeant is lying, then we think that every day he's held in jail beyond his original release date, Wednesday, Sept. 20 is another violation of his civil rights. To have a more detailed description of the situation sent to you by email, click here.

If you'd like to help, click on the "Free Our Friend!" email link below and send your own email asking for an investigation.

Regardless of what you write, the first line of all emails going through this email link will say, "I am a friend or relative of (his name), inmate #******* (his inmate number)."

After that, your own words would be best, but here's some suggested language:

I'm asking you to look into his case as soon as possible, and, if necessary and possible, intervene because every day he remains jailed beyond Sept. 20 could be another violation of his civil rights.

It's possible that the allegations of misbehavior and rule violations that lead to his penalties are false. All of these allegations were made by one sergeant, and some of them already have been dismissed by a jail commander.

We're also afraid that if he is being harassed, more and more serious retaliation is on the way.

Also, please look into the fact it took the jail 21 days to get him in front of a doctor and give him painkillers after he was injured on the job inside the jail on Aug. 11. We're also concerned that if he is injured again or becomes ill, medical care will be inadequate and too slow in coming.

Click here to send your email message:

Free Our Friend!

Here's a list of public officials who will see your email:
  1. Oregon Gov. John A. Kitzhaber, M.D.
  2. Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers
  3. Multnomah County Chairwoman Bev Stein
  4. Multnomah County District 2 Commissioner Serena Cruz
  5. Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Noelle
  6. Oregon state Sen. Kate Brown
  7. Oregon state Rep. Diane Rosenbaum
  8. Portland Mayor Vera Katz
  9. U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon
  10. U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon
  11. U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith of Oregon
  12. The White House

To have a more detailed description of the situation sent to you by email, click here.

At least people have helped us so far!