The [nvfslist] Least Romantic
or Most Unusual Marriage Proposal Contest

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Did your spouse have the nerve to propose marriage to you OVER THE PHONE? Were you knee deep in children before he finally said "I do?" When you proposed to your love, did she say, "Hmmmmm, let me think about it?"

If so, are you ever going to let them live it down? Of course not!

Write down your story and submit it to our first ever [nvfslist] contest: THE LEAST ROMANTIC or MOST UNUSUAL MARRIAGE PROPOSAL CONTEST.

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Keep it relatively clean, because I'm going to post it on this page, where it will be read by everybody and voted on.


And the winners are:
First Prize, a one-hour phone card:
"lotastuf," author of Would You Like Fries With That?

Second Prize, free membership in nvfspool for one month:
"joyce," author of "It's time ..., don'tcha think?"

Third Prize, a 30-minute phone card:
"Bev," author of It's Never Too Late ...

Fourth Prize, a book of 20 33-cent self-stick postage stamps:
"skfhi," author of Saved by a Dwarf Rabbit ...

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One-time Offer

My husband and I dated four years before getting married. I joke that it took me longer to get my Mrs. than it took him to get his M.S. He really dragged his feet about proposing, and from the beginning made it clear that he would never get down on his knees to do it.

So we were vacationing in the Grand Tetons one summer and took a tram ride to a mountain top. We had walked around awhile, sat down and rested, when he asked if I would like to spend the rest of my life traveling with him.

I asked if he was proposing, he said he might be. I told him if he was proposing to get down on his knees.

He replied, "I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees."

Needless to say, we were both mad at each other and made the trip down the mountain in silence. We were still silent as we drove back to the hotel.

He finally broke the silence by saying, "Do you want to get married or what?" I said, "You're not on your knees." He replied, "This is the only proposal you're getting, so you better take it."

I accepted by saying that I would marry him, but I wasn't happy about this proposal.

The marriage has gone considerably better than the proposal. We will be celebrating our eighth anniversary in a couple of months.


Which Would You Choose?

My husband proposed to me by going into a jewelry store while I was going into a hot dog stand to order fries and dogs for us as well as each of our two kids.

He went into the store, picked out a Black Hills Gold watch and three diamond engagement rings/wedding band sets.

He then stood in the store until I came looking for him, pointed to all the jewelry out on the counter and said "So, which one do you want?"

Needless to say I picked one of the engagement rings.

We were married six months later, and HE planned the entire wedding and reception. It was the most glorious wedding I have ever been to. We have been married for over 10 years now.


Saved by a Dwarf Rabbit ...

Years ago, in Southern California, my recently ex'ed boyfriend decided to move back to Las Vegas. I believe that he was going to try to reconcile with an old girlfriend.

The reconciliation was not to happen, and I received an amusing phone call from him less than a week after his move.

At this time, my small apartment was also home to Tigger, my house trained dwarf rabbit. Though litter box and leash trained, Tigger had a chewing problem which focused on the phone cord. I had noticed intermittent silences in previous conversations, but this particular conversation with my ex-boyfriend had perfect timing. (Thank you, Tigger!)

"Hello. Hello, are you still there?"



"I couldn't hear you. Tigger chewed through the phone cord," I said.

"Yeah, right!" he said.

"I really didn't hear you. What did you say?"

"I'm not going to repeat myself. OK, fine. I just asked you to marry me, bye."

End of conversation.

Now, THAT was the least romantic proposal that I never heard.


"It's time ..., don'tcha think?"

Marriage proposal? Hmmm, I guess you could call it that.

My hubby and worked at the same job, and I chased him until he caught me. I finally got him to take me out to dinner, and we went dancing and began dating.

After spending one night together, we never spent a night separate again until four years later.

One morning in early January we were lying in bed. There I was, 9 1/2 months pregnant (or so it seemed), and he says, ``Well it's about time we got married, don'tcha think?"

We got married Jan. 15th, 1975, and our daughter was born Jan. 30, 1975 -- we just beat the stork.

I was crying, and like to have never got the "I Do" out. Friends were laughing so hard ... talk about embarrassed!



It was Easter 1976. Half way to a restaurant, my boyfriend parked the car and handed me a small wraped package. As I sat in the passenger seat, I opened what appeared to be a melted chocolate bunny. What a mess.

"Did you find anything?"

"What do you mean? The chocolate?"

He grabs the box and scoops through the melted chocolate frantically. He hands me a tiny chocolate coated ziplock bag.

"Will you marry me?"

Inside the bag was the most beautiful engagement ring.

"Yes, I will," I said.

And, I did.


Love at Montgomery Wards

My boyfriend and I were at the mall with his sister. His sister and I went wandering around, and he went to run an errand. Little did he know that I knew his errand was to make the final payment on an engagement ring.

We finally met up outside of the Montgomery Wards. On our way out through Wards I could see him fidgeting but didn't say anything.

As we were traveling through their furniture section, Tim turned to me and said, "I love recliners, let's try them out."

We all then ensconced ourselves in the comfy recliners and he got up, kneeled in front of me and asked me to marry him.

We got married seven years later, this past October.


So Where were YOU when He Popped the Question?

This isn't my story, but you might get a kick out of it. Our family has!

Years ago, Dad was a Marine while Mom worked as a telephone operator. They'd only had one or two "dates" before Dad shipped out -- mostly group activities.

However, while Dad was overseas, they struck up quite a correspondence.

One night Mom came home from working the late shift and her parents and sisters were in bed. Mom picked up her mail and headed for the bathroom.

There, while on the toilet, she read my Dad's marriage proposal.

How many women have been proposed to while on the toilet? The story's made the family rounds sporadically, most recently in 1995 while we were celebrating Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary.

We'd asked guests to include their favorite or best memory of Mom and Dad with their RSVP's. Needless to say, we heard this one from my Aunt Pat.

We pasted the stories and responses in a scrap book for display - so EVERYBODY heard about their "romantic" proposal!

Hope you get a chuckle out of this - I've enjoyed relating it yet again!


Would You Like Fries with That?

Ronnie and I (not protecting him at all..real name!) had been together for a while and I was still dwelling on memories of a horribly long divorce after an equally horrible marriage. No way was I jumping back into that pan!

I had made it clear that I would not ever get married again.

One day while out shopping, I went into a jewelry store to look at a new watch, and Ronnie wandered over to the engagement/wedding rings. He asked me which one I liked, and I picked out the most beautiful, most outrageously priced one in the store.

I told him that if he wanted me bad enough, he would have to buy THAT ring. We laughed and continued shopping.

Several weeks later he called me at work to invite me to lunch, but I was short on time and we agreed to just eat in the car. He showed up with a Big Mac (don't sue me but I hate McDonald's and I abhor Big Macs!). I wanted to choke him.

I opened the box, and there, instead of a Big Mac, was MY ring that I had picked out!

We'll celebrate our 10th anniversary this month so I guess he wanted me bad enough!


The Power of Positive Thinking

After dating my husband for several months, he suddenly announced, "We will need a refrigerator." I looked at him and said, "Why?"

He responded, "I am marrying you and in our new home, we need appliances."

I was so shocked I replied, "You haven't asked me to marry you." He then said, "I know you will marry me."

And I did in fact marry him. In a few months we will have been married 35 years.


It's Never Too Late ...

After coming out of a 22-year emotionally abusive marriage (which included physical abuse near the end), I -- nearly 60 years old -- went into hibernation. After many months the coworker I rented a room from got tired of me going to work, coming home and heading for my room -- and not socializing at all ... especially since I have ALWAYS been a very social person.

She got a computer and encouraged me to get on line and in some chat rooms.

I didn't! I was afraid I'd meet an ax murderer or be rejected again.

Several months later, I finally got curious and placed a personal ad in order to find a friend.

On the VERY FIRST DAY, my FIRST response was from a man I later learned lived at the opposite end of my state (Oregon). This also was HIS FIRST time ever cruising the personals, and I was the FIRST AND ONLY one he responded to.

From that point on we corresponded several times a day, asking each other the HARD questions.

When we FINALLY risked meeting -- at a neutral point between our locations, still not knowing each other's address or phone number -- it was a "chemistry moment."

Needless to say we had a wonderful time.

And just a few months later he left his VERY HIGH PAYING job and moved to my area. We bought a home together, and we got married. We have been married for only two years, but have been together for almost five.

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE to find your soul mate.


"Just the facts, mam. Just the facts."

Chris and I had been dating for just a few months, and not even exclusively. In fact, I had a male tenant in my house that I was dating as well.

I worked for a new pharmaceutical company located in Maryland, I lived in Connecticut and my job had me traveling the Northeast corridor from Maine to Washington, D.C. One day I was offered a promotion to management, but it required relocation to Maryland. And I had to make the decision quickly.

It was at this point that Chris appeared at my door, manila folder in one hand, a single red rose in the other. He asked me to sit down at my dining room table, and proceeded to lay out each of the papers one by one.

He had brought me copies of his resume, his financial statement, his projection for the future if we married -- even his family tree!

Being an engineer, he was very thorough and left no question unanswered.

He presented me with the rose and said that if I married him, he would always bring me roses. The rose became a symbol for us, and we used it on our invitations, the wedding flowers, etc.

To this day, 16 years later, he has kept his word. He plants roses every year, all different types and colors, and we fill the house with roses as long as the weather permits.

I think this was certainly an unusual proposal, and a very romantic one as well. We were married three months later.


In Sickness and in Health, In Drunkeness and in Sobriety ...

When I was a young man I served my country as an Air Force civilian in Taiwan. We had our own club there where drinks were normally 25 cents, 10 cents on Fridays and during special occasions -- or free if charged to whoever got promoted, married, or whatever. That meant they were normally free.

We also had large parties at the club with live bands, dancing, lots of food, and of course, drinks. Needless to say drinking to excess was not uncommon.

I had dated the chief's secretary a few times, and took her to one of these parties at the club one night.

She was a wonderful dancer and loved to dance. I was a lousy dancer, and avoided it if I could. Since everybody knew everybody it was not unusual for all the twinkle-toed men to ask my date to dance.

I sat there by myself awhile while she danced, then retreated to the bar and proceeded to get totally soused.

After some indeterminate period of time, my date stopped dancing long enough to come looking for me. Just as she spotted me, Joe Blow number 279 spotted her, and asked her to dance.

She started back to the dance floor, but I grabbed her arm, pulled her close, gave her a big, slobbery kiss, and said, "I love you and want to marry you".

Of course this came as a huge shock, and she didn't know whether to take this drunken uttering seriously or not. She told me to go home, sleep it off, and let her know how I felt cold sober.

To the Chinese, "face" is very important. Since we were in Taiwan, I reasoned that it was just not acceptable to lose "face" by going back on your word or compromising your reputation.

Since this was their country, I had no choice, so the next day after being reminded by my friends of what I had done, I called her and explained the whole situation about "face."

She made me wait an entire week for an answer, and suggested I stay sober for that period.

After a solid week of sobriety and reflection, she said, "yes". We will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary this year.