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Wednesday's Powerball jackpot is expected to top $10 million annuity, $5.6 million cash. And the Big Game will have a jackpot of $90 million annuity on Tuesday. And since we've run a multi-state lottery pool for a couple of years, people have been asking us to buy tickets for them.

If tickets are not available in your state, we can play random draw "quick pick" tickets for you -- for a fee.

Tickets for both games cost $1 each. For a $1-a-ticket service charge, We'll buy your tickets, type them up for you before the drawing, count, collect and send you your winnings via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account you can sign up for a free account and get a $5 signup bonus from them here.

For instance, if you want us to play 10 tickets for you, you'll have to send $20 via PayPal. We'll play 20 tickets for you for $40.

You can have me play anywhere from a minimum of one ticket to a maximum of 50 tickets. Decide how many tickets you want me to play and double the number -- that's how much money to send.

We won't be mailing you any tickets since that could be misconstrued as reselling lottery tickets across state lines, and that is illegal. Also, note this is NOT A POOL. You're asking us to play tickets for you. If you send us $20 to play 10 tickets, you'll have only 10 tickets in the drawing.

If you win a really BIG prize -- anything, say, over $100 -- we'll have to talk and find out how best to get you your money.

Sorry, but right now we'll accept money only through PayPal. DO NOT MAIL ME ANY MONEY. It won't get here in time. If the jackpots keep climbing I'll try to set up an electronic check method of payments, but for now we can only do this through PayPal.

Got it?

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