You CAN Win Nice Prizes in Call-in Sweepstakes, Kim Says.

Kim's lovely necklace!

You can win nice prizes in call-in sweepstakes. Kim won this 1/2-carat diamond solitaire in 14-carat gold from Kay Jewelers in the Romance Classics Diamond-a-Day Giveaway Sweepstakes.

According to sweeps rules, entrants were allowed to call in once a day for daily prizes.

``I won on a Wednesday right before Valentines Day of this year (1999)," Kim said. ``It surely is something I would never own if it it wasn't for sweepstakes.  I have to say I never take it off."

To top it off, Kim won a "Valentines Day Flowers for a Year" promotion in March. ``I was one of 40 lucky winners to receive a fresh bouquet of beautiful flowers delivered every month for a year directly to my door compliments of Tequila Rose and the McCormick Distilling Company," she said.

This was a mail-in. Kim says she sent two entries in pink envelopes to this one.

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