Bev and Tom

Bev and Tom at a surprise birthday party.

Fire! Fire!

Wedding Pictures

Us signing the papers at the minister's house.

Us waiting for the party to begin.

My granddaughter and her boyfriend (taken earlier).

Daltie -- my 4-year-old great grandson.

My daughter and her twin boys and 18-year-old -- grandkids, plus me.

The kitchen crew: granddaughter Amy, daughter-in-law (she is the BEST) Chelly,
Nancy, my boss and best friend, my daughter Kim, and Tom waiting to be fed!

The food lineup with none else but my son,
Brad, at the first of the line.

The toast.

Just before the cake.

The cake!

More of Bev's Pictures!

Bev's favorite photo of herself and Tom, who has been diagnosed with inoperable
brain cancer. They met through the Internet and recently got married!

Tom's (and now Bev's) grandson Kaleb.
Kaleb is a millionaire-in-training who wants to sell real estate.

Tom's (and now Bev's) granddaughter MacKenzie.
Watch for her in movies and commericals. She's already been in some.

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